Full List of 99 Club Members in Madden 22

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Full List of 99 Club Members in Madden 22

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Madden 22's player ratings are being revealed piece by piece on ESPN this week, and now we know ratings for a few positions. Two members of the 99 Club have been announced already, Davante Adams and Aaron Donald, while the top 10 wide receivers have also been revealed. Additionally, EA launched a new Madden 22 ratings website that allows you to search for any player and find their rating--though not every player is available yet. You'll see more pop up as additional positions are unveiled throughout the week.

The Madden 99 Club is the group of players that have been given a 99 overall rating in a Madden game. If you’re familiar with the games, you know that a 99 overall is the highest possible rating in the game, and only a handful of players ever reach such an accomplishment. With that in mind, EA Sports likes to make a big deal out of inducting new players into the 99 Club every year.

In Madden NFL 2022, Davante Adams is one of the newest members of the 99 Club. Such a high rating means he’s not only the best wide receiver in the game, but one of the best players overall. Players like Aaron Donald and Christian McCaffery have been featured in the Madden 99 Club in recent years.

A small handful of players are named to the 99 Club during the buildup to a new Madden release. That said, Madden overalls are live-tuned throughout the real-life NFL season, meaning that player overalls will be adjusted according to their performance. Because of this, players sitting at a 97 or 98 overall can become members of the 99 Club during the season.

The Madden 99 Club is a group that exclusively features players that have been granted a 99 overall in Madden. With Madden NFL 22 coming soon, more players are being announced as 99 overalls as we get closer to release.

99 players overall

EA Sports’ announcement on player ratings said that a 99 Club member will be released each day. Following that example, we project that there will be five players (one for each day of the week) ranked 99th overall. At the end of Madden 21 there were six players in the 99 Club (99 is Madden’s highest overall rating). Those players were Patrick Mahomes, Stephon Gilmore, Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Travis Kelce, and DeAndre Hopkins.

Four players finished at 98 overall and those players include Tyreek Hill, Christian McCaffrey, Myles Garrett and Zack Martin. We envision a mix of those players participating in the Madden 22 version of the 99 Club. It will be interesting to see if Mahomes, Kelce and Hill can become a 99 Club trio on the same team.

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